H 11cm

The Story behind these mugs :-)

“During COVID I had the opportunity to restore and teach myself how to use an old wooden kick wheel. These mugs were the maiden project, made from white stoneware and gently thrown using human power, they are perfect, imperfect, hand-made.
I wanted them to reference 1950s picnic sets, the Australian bush and a time when life was simpler. Back then you walked to school with your best mates who were also your neighbours. You lived in the suburbs, dad mowed the lawn on Saturday and had a BBQ on Sunday. A grand family holiday was camping at Budgewoi and an overseas trip was visiting Manly.
These days are long gone so the mugs with their bold native floral motif and washed-out pastel colours inside speak of nostalgia and remind us to search out simplicity, which is not so simple.”
Warren Hogden

Nostalgia Cup by Warren Hogden