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So long

It's been a wild, crazy, fun and brilliant adventure


Crackpot Studios and Gallery will be closing the physical space in Freshwater at the end of our last exhibition "JOY" in March 2024.

The Crackpots opened the doors to the Gallery space in March 2021 with the idea of raising the profile of ceramics as an art form, and providing a space to exhibit local Australian artists in all mediums with a variety of themed exhibitions each month.


We totally did it!  We have showcased ceramics, jewellery, timber, paintings,

metal work, fibre and weaving. A great big beautiful assemblage of artists and community.

We have held 3 Australia-wide Crackpot Cup Competitions.


With immense gratitude to all who supported and helped us survive the COVID lockdowns which enabled us to open our doors again.   Thank you to the artists who collaborated with us to present their work in our exhibitions.  

It is truly humbling to curate such incredible pieces of art for each show.


Apart from the Gallery, we have loved holding the Clay Creation workshops that have taken place in our studio aka, the "Craic".  From pre-schoolers to teens, from new parents to grandparents and all inbetween.

 It's been an absolute delight and pleasure sharing our knowledge with you.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and would like to pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

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